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My Story

My exploration into nutrition stems from my desire to marry two passions: food and helping people feel better, both physically and emotionally.

I care about being an authentic human who approaches nutrition therapy with humor, compassion, and caring firmness. The therapeutic relationship is a driver of change, and it is an honor to hear client's stories and witness their growth. 

I became a dietitian after making the connection between sport performance and food. I had a collegiate career in swimming, was coaching collegiate swimming after graduating, and competing in triathlons internationally.  Over the last 10 years, I have had the experience of working in food services, teaching, clinical nutrition, and more. I have developed Eating Disorder Prevention programming for higher education, and co-led creation of Guidelines for Students Struggling with Eating, Exercise and Body image Concerns at Boston College. This varied experience leads me to bring perspective to nutrition therapy. In addition to assessing the nutritional needs of clients, I consider the healing aspects of food - cooking, eating with others, culture, and more.  I enjoy helping people gain a sense of adventure and ease with food, as they also meet their needs.

I love to learn, explore, and meet people. Currently, my family and I split our time between Germany and the US, exploring new culture, culinary tastes, language, and lifestyle. When I'm not learning German or working, I enjoy playing with my daughter, swimming, traveling,  cooking, hiking, reading and jigsaw puzzles. 

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