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When we change our approach to food and nutrition,
we change our entire organization.

I work with organizations like international schools, universities, food industry businesses and start-ups to communicate nutrition and wellness information to their people in a way that supports mental health, personal and professional development, work culture and customer interaction and buy-in.

My consulting experience includes providing workshops, lectures, editing and writing services, recipe development, cooking classes, and more. 

If you have a project where you may need an experienced nutrition professional, contact me. 

Examples of recent work:

  • Provided workshops and resources to students, parents and staff at a Munich-based international school on the topics of body image, balanced eating, food and body parenting, and recognizing the signs of disordered eating.

  • Edited and provided feedback on nutrition modules for an App to ensure they were scientifically sound, were actionable and did not do harm to users by being weight neutral.

  • Developed and tested recipes for a university food service serving 23,000 meals per day.

  • Created university-wide guidelines for students struggling with disordered eating at a major Boston university.

  • Implemented virtual cooking classes for college students as part of a larger wellness campaign.

UX Researcher, Digital Healthcare Company

"Kathryn Sweeney is an exceptionally competent, knowledgeable, empathic nutritionist. Kate was contracted by my company to review nutritional content we had produced for a new wellbeing program and to advise us on how to make it culturally relevant to people in Germany and the US. She far exceeded our expectations, not only providing detailed information about how to best tailor the program to the specific needs of people in those two countries but also suggesting evidence-based, actionable recommendations on how to better frame our content to be helpful and respectful for all potential patients. There is no doubt that Kate's thoughtful feedback has vastly improved our wellbeing program, and I can confidently say that our users will receive better care thanks to her help. Our whole team could not recommend Kate more highly and I am certain we will be seeking her assistance again in the future."

Colorful Fruits

When our students, parents, athletes, staff and customers are educated in and practice a beneficial relationship with food, body, eating and movement it creates a supportive, welcoming and resilient culture that is advantageous for our organizations.

Jeannine Kremer, Director Boston College Center for Student Wellness
"Kate changed the way we think and talk about food and moving our bodies at Boston College. Her expertise and dynamic presentations have served hundreds of students, staff and faculty.  She helped us create easy to digest information and print materials for students that we still use today. In addition to her extensive outreach efforts, Kate created an Eating Disorder protocol so that the community can serve students in the best way possible. Kate leads her individual sessions with empathy and her work is strength based, student centered and collaborative. "

Contact me to learn more about my services and pricing.
CV is available upon request.

Thank you for contacting me! I will be in touch.

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