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Nutrition Therapy

Nutrition therapy helps clients overcome challenges with food using medical nutrition therapy - specific nutrition interventions for medical conditions - along with therapeutic modalities like motivational interviewing, Exposure and Response Prevention, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and more that take into account psychological, behavioral and lifestyle factors that affect patterns around eating. 

Nutrition Therapy for Disordered Eating, Eating Disorders, Food/ Body Image Parenting, or Intuitive Eating

Nutrition Therapy for  Digestive Issues, Sports Nutrition, Health Concerns or Overall Wellbeing

It is very common to be struggling with disordered eating along with digestive issues, PCOS
or other concerns. Know that we can work on all of it!

If you're looking for group offerings, you can find them here.

What Clients Say

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"Working Kate was one of the best things I did for myself and my family. Working with her I have been able to rethink many of the beliefs about body size that were instilled in me as a child and had caused me a lot of unhappiness in my life. With Kate I was able to tear down these beliefs and build up new healthier ones that are now bringing me much more peace, happiness, and health in my life. As a mother, I've been really happy to see that my new outlook is positively influencing my daughter. Kate has also been instrumental in helping my family eat better. As a vegan family we always enjoyed healthful foods but Kate helped us focus on a better mix of foods for optimal nutrition and also to make meal planning easier and more enjoyable. As a result meal prep and family dinner have become enjoyable, peaceful moments of the day that the whole family looks forward too."
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