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You are here because you struggle with either food, movement or body image issues and you’re ready for change.

The good news is: change is possible.

Your struggles with eating, food, movement or body image can feel ever present.


It may even feel like you’re underwater, trying to come up for air or stuck in quicksand that you can’t get out of.  


When you look around for help it can feel like the world we live in only perpetuates the unhelpful thoughts and behaviors we have. And at the same time, it can feel like you’re alone- the only one struggling. This can make us feel like we must fit into certain boxes to be worthy and adequate. A perfect recipe for guilt and shame.


Even though it is hard to push back on all these pressures and sometimes may feel impossible to do so, I’m here to tell you it is possible to live life on your terms. 


It is possible to struggle less and find confidence and peace with your eating and your body.


I will help you catch your breath, get out from under the weight that you feel. Whether your struggles with eating have been borne out of trauma, feelings of unworthiness, confusion about where you fit into the world, norms around body shape/size, family and peer influences, social media, gender and sexuality norms, obsessive compulsive disorder, pressure to perform in sport, food scarcity and more - you can develop the insight, knowledge, tools and resources to recover.


You are worthy as you are.

As a qualified dietitian with 10+ years of experience, I can support you on this journey with an approach to nutrition therapy rooted in curiosity, humor, evidence, and compassion.


I am particularly passionate about working at the intersection of eating disorders/disordered eating and digestive distress, trans health, being 50+, neurodiversity, sports performance, pregnancy and obsessive compulsive disorder.

I work from a body affirming, trauma-informed, gender-affirming, culturally competent, and evidence-informed lens. You are the expert, and I will partner with you to explore your relationship with food and movement while understanding you- sleep, stress, lifestyle, relationships, medical conditions, lived experience, socioeconomic background, and more. I aim to help you eat with trust and choose food that meets your health, taste, sensory, medical, social, cultural, financial, and emotional needs.


I do not have a one-size-fits all approach.

Through working together, you will gain awareness about how your eating and relationship with food is impacting your life and vice versa, how it may have wound up this way, and what strengths and values you hold that can help you overcome these challenges. 


"Kate guided me through eating disorder recovery with compassion, empathy and creativity. Professional, intelligent and intuitive - Kate was my resource and my rock through a very challenging and isolated time in my life. I am now in full recovery and living the fullest life possible, which I attribute fully to my work with Kate."

Things we may work on:

  • Determine nutrition fact vs fiction

  • Reduce behaviors like binge eating, chewing/spitting and purging

  • Eliminate food rules, counting calories and weighing food - finding food freedom

  • Find satisfaction with eating

  • Monitor labs and other health parameters

  • Cue into your hunger, fullness, satiety

  • Incorporate movement

  • Family meal environment and structure

  • How to approach food/body at home

  • Eat nourishing, nutritious foods 

  • Experience embodiment

  • Reduce gastrointestinal distress 

  • Meal prepping and food shopping

  • Meet goals to participate in sport 

  • Eating enough and a variety of food

  • Manage eating during life transitions

  • Decreased body checking

  • Eating in social environments

  • Ruminate less about food/body/movement

  • Reducing fears around texture, choking, etc

When you work with me, you get me. I will be engaged, hands-on and supportive during and in between sessions. I will stick with you when it gets tough.

During our time together, I will:

  • See you for all you are.

  • Meet you were you're at.

  • Never over-promise and be real with you. 

  • Cultivate an effective therapeutic relationship with you.

  • Bring a harm-reduction approach as needed.

  • Incorporate mindfulness to help with nervous system regulation.

  • Support you as you determine your own definition of health and of success.

  • Use the evidence available and my 10 + years of experience to provide sound recommendations.

  • Provide individualized care through using my ‘nutrition therapy toolkit’, which includes: motivational interviewing, Acceptance and Committment Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Intuitive Eating, Exposure and Response Prevention, parts work, nutrition education, strength-based coaching, books/readings, worksheets, and more*.

*Don’t worry if you don’t understand some terms, all will become clear if we work together.


"I would never have been able to heal my relationship with food and my body without the warm, compassionate, and non-judgmental support I received from Kate. When we first started working together, every bite of food was a challenge for me, but Kate created a safe space for me to be open about this and challenge myself. I wasn't sure that I'd ever be able to recover or let go of toxic diet culture, but Kate helped show me that it absolutely is possible."

My Approach


Build a Foundation

We will meet initially for 60 minutes and get to know each other. (All appointments are virtual.) I will ask questions to understand your history and present experiences with food, eating, movement and body. Assessments take 1-3 sessions.

We will dig into the strengths, values, and wisdom you have to create a strong foundation to our work. We will define your goals. You can leave the first few sessions with strategies to try, if you want. If you need a structured eating plan, we will make it as appropriate.

After our first meeting, you will get a shared google folder where all resources and takeaway work will be shared.


Experiment & Evolve

We will meet for 50 minute follow up sessions to work on the nuts and bolts of what is going on, and strategize tools that can help you make change around food, movement and body image. I will go at your pace and individualize tools based on your history and needs. Most clients meet with me every 1-2 weeks then reduce that frequency as appropriate. If you are struggling with an eating disorder, I find meeting more frequently in the beginning is more advantageous for long term success. 


You will do some experimentation as well as learn more about yourself, your body, food, nutrition science and more. You will try things, whether that be eating more at breakfast, putting together a meal plan and working from that, putting out dessert at a family meal, doing an exposure to an OCD compulsion that involves food, or more. By trying things, being more in your body and figuring out what works, you'll form new ways of being around food and body.


We will evaluate how these experiments go, and you will learn, be curious and evolve into creating habits and structures that support your needs. We will reevaluate as we go, and shift as needed. 

My services include support between sessions, if appropriate and desired. Examples include meal support, cooking skill instruction, and email/text support. 


Finishing Touches

By now, you may feel more confident around food, body or movement. This may take time to get here, and that is okay.

We will continue to work together to ensure you are in cruise control, and that you have constructed a way to approach eating, movement and body image that works for you. We’ll meet less often and eventually end our time together.


The entire process may take a few weeks, months, or longer. It just depends on where you're at and what you need. The goal is to terminate care with you meeting your goals and feeling strong, worthy and capable. 


I struggled with disordered eating as a teenager and throughout my twenties. Prior to working with Kate, I had found some resources and people that helped me unlearn a lot of those behaviors. As I've gotten older, however, I've struggled to balance intuitive eating with gentle nutrition to support my long-term health. I reached out to Kate in the hopes that she could help with this and she certainly did. Kate provided practical tips on how to stock my pantry as well as meal and snack suggestions. But more than that she offered a well of empathy. Her kindness and understanding made me feel comfortable opening up about past experiences related to body image and food. Finally confronting those experiences helped me let go of a lot of guilt and shame I was holding onto. She offered a lot of insight around food as well as exercise - an issue I wasn't expecting to tackle but that has been incredibly impactful for me.

Your Investment

50 minute 1:1 session: $150/125€ (initial consultations are 60 minutes)

Package options:

Package of 4 sessions (to be used within 2 months): $550/450€


Add ons:

50 minute exposure coaching/meal support: $150/125 Euros

30 minute exposure coaching/meal support: $80/60 Euros

Costs include time for consultation with other providers you may be seeing, email and text support between sessions, actionable resources and tools, and correspondence through Apps like Recovery Record.

I do provide a sliding scale, however at this time, sliding scale spots are full.

I can see clients in Europe; Massachusetts, Florida and VT (USA) where I am licensed; and states in the US without practice exclusivity. Please contact me if you're in the US and unsure if your state allows you to see out-of-state dietitians.


I can provide a Superbill to clients in the US for health insurance reimbursement. If you are a US client, you are entitled to a Good Faith Estimate as dictated by the No Surprises ActI do not take German or other European insurance at this time. 

I base costs on cost of living, credit card processing fees, average cost of services in the geographic area of the client, my professional expertise and experience, and my business costs. 

Want to get to know each other and learn more? Schedule a 30 minute call by filling out the form. I will be in touch!

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