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Kind Words:

"Kate's gentle and encouraging demeanor allowed me to open up honestly about so many things that I had been ashamed of for so long. Her support made me feel strong enough to tackle my eating disorder head-on and be brave and honest with myself and loved ones. She doesn't tell you what to do, she collaborates with you to create and modify a plan that is personalized to your individual needs."

- Emma, US/Ireland

"I instantly felt a level of comfort and trust with Kate. Over the course of our years together, that trust grew even stronger as she helped me learn more about my relationship with my body, food and exercise. Kate's kindhearted and gentle approach helped me get curious about the 25+ years I spent disliking my body and having roller-coaster relationships with food and exercise. Kate truly embodies the approach of 'everybody (and every body) is different', which is why I love that her counseling is always from a perspective of curiosity and exploration. For me, I didn't need or want something rigid - I needed to ask myself hard questions, try different explorations and be patient with myself as I unlearned rules and expectations driven by society and simply just tried to be more present in my whole body experience. The best part? Kate and I laughed and cried along the way - emotions so important along my journey that existed because she's such a comfortable, trusting space and counselor."

-Kelley, Boston, MA

"Kate exceeded my expectations for care. She offered strategies that fit my individual needs and always made me feel supported during my recovery. Kate offers an extremely calming presence that allowed me to feel comfortable to open up and get the help I needed. I cannot thank her enough for everything she has done."

- Haley, Boston, MA

"I have been struggling with eating and self-confidence issues for almost my whole life. Three years ago the power of calorie-counting apps, purging, and exercise made my lack of self-confidence turned into an eating disorder. I never felt like I was sick enough to find help or that I even wanted to. Around a year ago, around the time when I was at my worst, I was forced to reach out for help. No matter how forced it was, or how mad I was that Kate was trying to push me to eat more she never gave up on me and I am incredibly grateful that she didn't because I would not be here otherwise. I truly would not have survived for long if it wasn't for Kate. I have so much good to say not only because she saved me but also because she guided me, made me feel heard, but never pitied me, or let me take the easy way out. She knew that I loved science so she always explained the science behind my recovery and my eating disorder to me. She knew my eating disorder would fight her on how much to eat and she kept pushing for my sake. She knew that I felt uncomfortable when I was not in control or can plan things so she helped me plan my meals in a spreadsheet, making me feel safe whilst also pushing my eating disorder and encouraging me to take care of my body. I didn't only love working with Kate because she helped me live life to the fullest but because she listened, customizing her techniques to suit how I would understand and learn best while never losing her focus on what was necessary for me. Kate was the best thing I could have done for myself. She gave me support with food, emotional turmoil, my OCD, and finding other things in life worth appreciating than being skinny. Kate made me love life again and I am truly indebted to her."

- Sophia, Munich, Germany

"Kate is firm and consistent. I really used to hate it, or rather, my eating disorder would hate it. But when everyone else was pitying me, trying to be as kind as possible so that I wouldn't break, Kate would always push me to my limits because she believed in me and knew exactly how to help me."

- Anonymous, Germany

"I struggled with disordered eating as a teenager and throughout my twenties. Prior to working with Kate, I had found some resources and people that helped me unlearn a lot of those behaviors. As I've gotten older, however, I've struggled to balance intuitive eating with gentle nutrition to support my long-term health. I reached out to Kate in the hopes that she could help with this and she certainly did. Kate provided practical tips on how to stock my pantry as well as meal and snack suggestions. But more than that she offered a well of empathy. Her kindness and understanding made me feel comfortable opening up about past experiences related to body image and food. Finally confronting those experiences helped me let go of a lot of guilt and shame I was holding onto. She offered a lot of insight around food as well as exercise - an issue I wasn't expecting to tackle but that has been incredibly impactful for me."

- NJ

"I would never have been able to heal my relationship with food and my body without the warm, compassionate, and non-judgmental support I received from Kate. When we first started working together, every bite of food was a challenge for me, but Kate created a safe space for me to be open about this and challenge myself. I wasn't sure that I'd ever be able to recover or let go of toxic diet culture, but Kate helped show me that it absolutely is possible."

- Kaitlin

"I could not have gotten through eating disorder recovery without Kate. She helped me heal my relationship with food and gave me my life back in a way that I did not think was possible. When I first started working with Kate, every meal was a battle and stress over eating occupied most of my thoughts and kept me from living my life. Kate’s compassion and authenticity created a safe space for me to explore my fears and instilled a sense of optimism in me that I truly could recover. Kate is immensely knowledgeable about nutrition and every week she gave me tangible action steps that led me through the recovery process. Today I am healthy and thriving, and incredibly grateful to Kate for her work with me."

- Anna

"Kate guided me through eating disorder recovery with compassion, empathy and creativity. Professional, intelligent and intuitive - Kate was my resource and my rock through a very challenging and isolated time in my life. I am now in full recovery and living the fullest life possible, which I attribute fully to my work with Kate."

- Diana

"I met with Kate because I was concerned about my rising cholesterol and glucose levels.  She is amazing: easy to talk to, really listens to you, very smart and knowledgeable and speaks to you in a clear and understandable way so you can understand the nuisances of nutrition. She is also very kind and nonjudgemental.  Kate advised me on changes I might make and after following her advice, I waited about 5 months and then got by cholesterol and blood sugar check again and my numbers significantly improved. Thank you!"


"Kate has worked with me throughout my soccer season and has made a huge impact on my performance on the field. She has helped me with appropriate weight gain and to maintain a diet that is necessary for my level of training. She has a very professional, hands on approach, and is easy to connect with. She makes the need to focus on my diet less stressful through providing emotional support and showing me new recipes and ingredients to try!"


- Stefanie, Collegiate soccer player

Working with Kate at Boston College was a pleasure and a privilege. She is an exceptional dietitian that offers care to clients and students with kindness, compassion, and respect. Kate left a lasting impression on me, greatly influencing my own counseling style and increasing my confidence as an eating disorder dietitian. She has a unique way of balancing a warm, therapeutic approach with her clinical expertise, which creates a high level of trust with her clients and her colleagues. Kate thoughtfully considers the lived experiences and needs of each client when creating treatment or meal plans. At BC, I was impressed by her ability to manage the needs of folks who have special dietary needs and/or eating disorders within the complex ecosystem of a large college dining service. Her incredible ability to collaborate interprofessionally allowed her to manage care seamlessly for so many students. As my supervisor she offered positive, encouraging, and supportive feedback, and presented reflective questions that motivated me to think critically about cases. Through her supervision she modeled patience, curious non-judgment, and the ability to see our clients holistically. I know that I am a better dietitian today from paralleling her practice and from her guidance. I don't have enough words to express my high regard for Kate. I feel so grateful to know and have worked with her."

- Jennifer Heinen, MS, RDN, LDN, Owner of Nourish for Life

Kate is an experienced clinician, practitioner and facilitator. Her accolades speak for themselves. What you can’t always glean from words on a page is how she makes people feel. Kate is incredibly skilled at connecting with the heart, expressing empathy, and holding safe, non judgmental spaces for people to bring their full self. Discussing topics pertaining to our bodies can be sensitive, triggering, difficult, and complex and she navigates the topics of food, eating, body image, and movement with such a gentle, intuitive and accepting approach. She meets people where they’re at, and offers evidence based information and practices every step of the way to guide people along their journey. I’ve had the pleasure of being Kate’s colleague for several years and witnessing how she changes the molecules in a room. People leave a session or presentation with Kate feeling lighter, more liberated and worthy based on the permission and comfort she offers to unlearn all the food rules that often dictate our behaviors, thoughts, and feelings about ourselves, our bodies, and the bodies of others. She is masterful at creating a supportive and empowering environment for people to heal.


- Makayla 

"Kate is an extraordinary dietitian, mentor, and human being. I was fortunate enough to work closely with Kate during my undergraduate career. She taught me how evidence-based nutrition united with empathetic, client-centered counseling can help individuals reconnect with their body’s intuition and experience the joys of food freedom. She is a gifted listener and intentional with her words, always showing the utmost respect and compassion for every person. I have always admired her authenticity and ability to translate expertise into accessible language. I cannot overstate my appreciation and regard for Kate, I highly recommend her practice."


- Ali, Former Boston College student & Soon-to-be Registered Dietitian 

"Working Kate was one of the best things I did for myself and my family. Working with her I have been able to rethink many of the beliefs about body size that were instilled in me as a child and had caused me a lot of unhappiness in my life. With Kate I was able to tear down these beliefs and build up new healthier ones that are now bringing me much more peace, happiness, and health in my life. As a mother, I've been really happy to see that my new outlook is positively influencing my daughter. Kate has also been instrumental in helping my family eat better. As a vegan family we always enjoyed healthful foods but Kate helped us focus on a better mix of foods for optimal nutrition and also to make meal planning easier and more enjoyable. As a result meal prep and family dinner have become enjoyable, peaceful moments of the day that the whole family looks forward too."

- Amanda

"I wish I had been introduced to Kate and Intuitive Eating 25 years ago!  Having grown up a chubby kid, I had spent my whole life judging every morsel of food I put in my mouth as “good”, or “bad”, and myself right along with it. I was so confused by the conflicting information around what foods were healthy, how much I should eat, whether or not fat was good or bad, how much sugar is ok, etc. I struggled with intense feelings of hunger especially late in the day.  And I was frustrated with not being able to lose or maintain my weight no matter how little I ate, or how much I exercised. With Kate’s help and the principles of Intuitive Eating, I learned that I needed more protein and to spread my calories more evenly throughout the day.  I learned that I needed to comply with what my mind and body asked for, respect when it signaled it had had enough, and most importantly be present and enjoy the process of eating! It still surprises me that the answer could be so simple, eat what your mind and body are asking for, when they are asking for it, and stop when they say, “I’ve had enough."


- Cynthia

"Kate changed the way we think and talk about food and moving our bodies at Boston College. Her expertise and dynamic presentations have served hundreds of students, staff and faculty.  She helped us create easy to digest information and print materials for students that we still use today. In addition to her extensive outreach efforts, Kate created an Eating Disorder protocol so that the community can serve students in the best way possible. Kate leads her individual sessions with empathy and her work is strength based, student centered and collaborative."

- Jeannine Kremer, Director of the Center for Student Wellness, Boston College

"Kathryn Sweeney is an exceptionally competent, knowledgeable, empathic nutritionist. Kate was contracted by my company to review nutritional content we had produced for a new wellbeing program and to advise us on how to make it culturally relevant to people in Germany and the US. She far exceeded our expectations, not only providing detailed information about how to best tailor the program to the specific needs of people in those two countries but also suggesting evidence-based, actionable recommendations on how to better frame our content to be helpful and respectful for all potential patients. There is no doubt that Kate's thoughtful feedback has vastly improved our wellbeing program, and I can confidently say that our users will receive better care thanks to her help. Our whole team could not recommend Kate more highly and I am certain we will be seeking her assistance again in the future."

- UX Researcher, Digital Healthcare Company

Kate removes the tension and rigidity from food with a permissive, easygoing approach. She teaches you how to trust your body through unlearning the messages of diet culture. Years ago I recovered from a decade long eating disorder, but listening to Kate speak so calmly about what a relationship with food can look like healed some residual uncertainty I had around "healthy" eating.  Kate also gave practical tips for how to talk about food with family and friends. The work she is doing not only helps individuals, but helps create a culture of food and body freedom.


- Jen 

Kate was the first person to ever introduce me to the idea of Intuitive Eating. This was the catalyst for healing I needed that launched a years-long journey to rediscover and redefine my relationship with food, my body, stress, family, and more. Kate is gentle, com
passionate, and non-judgemental in all that she does, while also holding people and systems accountable to living authentically and intuitively. She is a wealth of knowledge and has taught me so much about how I can tap into my inner wisdom about food. Now, I've found the food freedom I always longed for. Obsessive and controlling thoughts about food take up little to no space in my brain outside of bringing me pleasure and satisfaction and fueling my body well. I have so much more space to go after my goals and dreams...and Kate was a major player in helping make that happen!


- Amanda 

"Kate was a great resource for me as I began my prenatal journey. Her expertise in athletes and pre/post-natal nutrition were exactly what I was looking for! I started with her before I was pregnant as I wanted to build good habits in anticipation of becoming pregnant. Through the beginning of my pregnancy, Kate offered me really good guidance on how to keep my eating balanced, which helped me feel healthy in the first trimester while also staying active. and confident I could keep my weight gain healthy throughout my pregnancy. She was always able to answer my questions, and helped me feel that I could tackle any nutritional hurdle that pregnancy brought. Now 4 months post partum I'm looking forward to working with Kate again to continue with healthy eating habits and goals of weight loss while managing life as a breastfeeding mom who is back at work full time."

- Daniela​


"Because I have been battling Anorexia Nervosa for over 10 years and plan to have children in the future, it's very important to me that I work with a nutritionist who has experience working with clients with eating disorders and prenatal nutrition. When I met Kate I was happily relieved that she has experience with both sets of clients. Kate's positive attitude and encouragement have been an asset in my recovery process; she has helped me work through and move past a lot of my triggers around food and meal planning. Sharing my victories over challenging food moments and continuing to set goals with Kate has helped me develop a growing passion for food and the art of cooking. By supporting my needs and helping me figure out my wants Kate has helped me foster a confidence in myself around food, that I thought was gone. She is a pleasure to work with and I am thankful I get to do so."


~Nomi N.

"I first met Kate at a lecture she was giving for sports nutrition. As a competitive marathoner I am always looking to better myself and I hoped taking this course might give me a few pointers. Instead, I wound up finding a nutritionist that has become an integral part of my training team! Working with Kate has made a significant difference in my run training and my daily life.  Until then I had never taken my nutrition very seriously. But, thanks to Kate's help, my daily training is more consistent  and I even have had a couple of PR's! Kate is amazingly thorough in her evaluations and workups to the point of asking me things my wife couldn't even answer about me!! Kate is always quick to respond when I have any concerns and always has the research to back up her work.  She has been an amazing help to my running and also now to my daughter after having her first baby. I depend on Kate just as much as I depend on my running coach."


-Bob, marathon runner and dentist

"Kate provided my team with the information and tools to follow and stay on a sound nutritional and healthy relationship with food. After the success of the first year of having her speak with my team, I continued to bring her back each year until I retired. My athletes were pleased with the results, leading individuals on my team to reach out to her on their own."

- Halston Taylor, Former MIT Track & Field and Cross Country Coach


"Kate really listened to me explain my fitness goals and helped me craft a nutrition plan that complemented them. She was able to translate my abstract feelings (how fast I wanted to run, how often I wanted to run, the foods I liked, and how I generally approached meals) into a structured, well-thought out plan that I could manage on a day-to-day basis. The work I did with Kate has been the foundation of my recent success, and her advice always sits at the forefront of the fitness and nutrition decisions I make. She's a great nutritionist, a great person, and a great friend. I highly recommend her services for someone looking for guidance!"


- Joe, runner of numerous Boston marathons and former Division III collegiate swimmer

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