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Philosophy & Approach

My Philosophy

"Food is our common ground, a universal experience."

- James Beard
Food and Body are complex topics. I believe food sustains our bodies, and ties us together socially and culturally. We need to eat for physical health, and for overall wellbeing. Food should not be a source of stress but rather one of life and enjoyment. We all deserve to live life to its fullest and enjoying food and all that intersects with it- culture, religion, taste, travel, and more- while eating in a way that fits your needs, is an integral piece in doing so. It can be hard to do that when we feel the pull of an eating disorder or are dealing with a complex medical-nutritional issue. Each of our nutritional needs, food preferences, and food options are dependent on many factors. One eating pattern does not fit all. With knowledge, skills, healing, and tools I believe you can have a sustainable, attuned relationship with food, body and exercise that works for you.
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My Approach

Every client's story is unique. And, food is one piece of that story. You are the expert, and I will partner with you to explore your relationship with food, movement, and body image while understanding sleep, stress, lifestyle, cooking skills, relationships, medical conditions, lived experience, and more. I aim to help clients eat with body trust and choose food that meets their health, taste, sensory, medical, social, cultural, financial, and emotional needs. 

Foundations of my work include: