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Gourmet Meal

Change your eating, change your world.


I support people to overcome challenges with eating using compassionate nutrition therapy.


When we struggle with food and eating, it can feel hard to imagine what life would be without these challenges. 


Having an eating disorder, digestive distress or health conditions that are food-related

can be frustrating and all-consuming.

It is possible to feel better. I'm here to help.


You can have a nourishing relationship with food, movement and body.

Hi! I'm Kate.

I am a certified Registered Dietitian, Certified Intuitive Eating® Counselor, Ernährungswissenschaftlerin based in Germany and Massachusetts. I have 10+ years experience in food and nutrition. I am passionate about helping individuals, families and organizations in the US and Europe meet their goals around food and eating using a body-affirming, evidence-informed approach. Learn more about me here.

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My mission is to help people feel empowered to eat, move and be in their bodies in sustainable ways that feel good to them and are supportive of their wellbeing.

My specialities:

Eating Disorders (EDs) & Disordered Eating 

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder & EDs

Intuitive Eating 

Food & Body Image Parenting 

Digestive Issues like IBS, IBD & SIBO

Sports Nutrition

A non-restrictive diet approach to health concerns like pre-diabetes, high blood pressure, PCOS & high cholesterol

* licensed in MA, VT (US) and Europe


"I could not have gotten through eating disorder recovery without Kate. She helped me heal my relationship with food and gave me my life back in a way that I did not think was possible. When I first started working with Kate, every meal was a battle and stress over eating occupied most of my thoughts and kept me from living my life. Kate’s compassion and authenticity created a safe space for me to explore my fears and instilled a sense of optimism in me that I truly could recover."
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